A Construction Production

Set building, prop making, model making, for photography.  Construction for film, video, events, fashion, window display and digital media.

A Construction Production, founded by Cameron Eccles, has a core team of skilled artisans, technicians and artists who create in a large, modern suburban workshop.  Their fantastic knowledge of traditional scenic techniques is enhanced by new technologies, with CAD, CNC, HVLP spray booth, digital printing and computer-cut vinyl graphics facilities in-house.

Our background was set building for photography originally, then music video, commercials and feature films.  Since setting up ACP in 2005 we have been doing all of these, as well as making for fashion shows, events, POS and window displays worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism – which we don't let get in the way of sympathetic and insightful communication and flexibility – augmented by our deserved reputation for successful response to ridiculous deadlines.